Monday, July 9, 2012

Here I Am.

Let's look at the previous post. 
July 1st 2011. Now? July 9th 2012. 
Time fly so fast since I last update. I'm beginning to start writing again. Actually, I always wrote, but on an actual journal. Not on blogger. But it's more fun to type than to write with pen. So here it goes...

Hi. Still Haura. I'm 16th now. Went to 70 Senior High School. If you scroll down much, you'll find so much about me wanted to go to SMAN 70 in the past. Well, here I am now :-) I'm going to skip the introduction because it's going to take a while and I'm going to skip my sooooooooooooooo-long story in the first year of high school :-)

11.16 PM. July 9th 2012.

Got this weird unreasonably feeling and it just pop out. It's so late and I'm crying in my room like actual crying. I miss the good times. I just saw a movie about my junior high life. Not just that I miss my junior high life and friends. It's like I'm missing everything in the past. It was so good back there. So happy. I don't know...I'm missing a lot of laugh of mine. I miss everything. I just thinking that time's fly too fast I couldn't even recognize. Maybe in about 3 years from now I'm going to the same condition I have right now, missing my high school life. Because life is always about missing something. But it is okay to miss something right? It means that we had something special. Can we missing something if it's not special? Of course not. I'm missing junior high. I'm missing me back there. I miss my friends. My teachers. My peoples. Everything. And who knows? In 3 years like I said, I will be missing this life I have right now. I will be missing my silly high school life and everything that soon to be laughed in the future. 

Sometimes it hurts missing something like I am now and it ended tearing.

I just miss everything. That's all.


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